The Feeder tariff below is based upon the industry standard algorithm - 0.8 x kWp x S x Zpv - which takes into account the direction of the roof, the tilt angle of the roof, the amount of shade in the proximity and the number of solar panels required. The user should select from direction of roof and work across the list boxes in order, then click the calculate button.

Solar Panel Feeder Tariff - Example of javascript application to calculate savings made by the installation of solar panels
Please make your selection from the direction of roof list box, then use the angle, system size and shading list boxes and press the calculate button.
Direction of Roof Angle of Roof System Size Amount of Shade kWh/Year Calculate
kWh/year x FIT Rate equals annual FIT Return £
kWh/year /2 x 0.03p equals export return £
kWh/year /2 x0.12p (which is current price of electricity) £
Total Annual Return £