Hello again, this is where I list my portfolio. It's looking a bit slim at the moment, but not for long I hope.

Recently worked on a web based application to calculate yield and savings for a home based solar panel system. Coded in JavaScript, the application calculates data based on angle of solar panels, direction of roof, size of system required and amount of shade, all handed coded by myself. http://lectogic.co.uk/config.html

The Creation Development Trust is a charity for whom I work as a volunteer developing their site. Rather than ramble on about it here, click the link and have a gander. However, Creations' website is also undergoing the update process. All coded to web standards using xhtml, php, css, the menu is coded spcifically using css and JavaScript.

During the summer of 2006 I worked part time at a local college, where I discovered the delights of ASP, researched various graph generating applications available and assisted in the intergration of a graphing solution (FusionCharts2_3) into the college MIS system.

Fusion Charts being a very useful and economical Flash based application, which allows you to extrapolate the data required from various database systems and then convert it into XML for compatibility with the Fusion Charts software, resulting in a neat 3D Flash based graph full of live data.